I work as a writer and university teacher, specialising in literature, travel and history. You can find more details under Profile.

The aim of the website is to give an idea of the kind of writing I do. Apart from editorial work and a number of articles, I’ve written eight books. There are links to short extracts from them on the Books page.

I've recently been working with my wife Ayumi on a guide to some of the less frequented temples and gardens in Kyoto. Most western tourists get no further than the same small group of famous sites - lovely but crowded to bursting point. Visiting them can easily turn into a conveyor-belt experience that gives only a distorted glimpse of what the city has to offer. Within a few yards of the major tourist attractions there are unregarded temple gates that open on to courtyards and gardens of mesmerising beauty. I'd like to highlight some of the places that tend to stay just below the tourist radar. This will be published as an e-book in August 2016. For more details click on Kyoto.