I work as a writer and university teacher, specialising in literature, travel and history. You can find more details under Profile.

The aim of the website is to give an idea of the kind of writing I do. Apart from editorial work and a number of articles, I’ve written eight books. There are links to short extracts from them on the Books page.

I've recently been working with my wife Ayumi on a guide to some of the less frequented temples and gardens in Kyoto. This is now available on Amazon and iBooks. For more details click Kyoto.

Over the coming year I’m planning to do something on the campanili of Venice. After god knows how many visits to the city, I still find myself standing at hotel-room windows, sitting outside cafes or pausing on bridges and wondering just which church such and such a campanile belongs to. If I can figure out how to make it work, I’d like to do an ebook that provides an easy way to find the answer.