Ian Littlewood

Ian Littlewood
Mar 18, 2018 ยท 1 min read

KWC: Paperback and Updates

The ebook version of Kyoto Without Crowds has now been updated. Most of the changes are just to sentences I didn't like the sound of, but there are a number of factual amendments, a few additions, and one or two embarrassing mistakes that have been corrected. (If you notice any other errors, please let us know - we're hoping to revise the book fairly regularly.)

There's now also a paperback version available, for which we've had some maps drawn. If you buy the paperback in America, you can get a free download of the ebook, but unfortunately Amazon doesn't offer this in Europe or the UK. Not sure why. We'd have loved to have colour photos, but it would have made the book too expensive - and anyway there are plenty of superbly illustrated books on Kyoto's gardens.

One thing I slightly regret is not having an entry in the Special Openings section for Hogon-in, a sub-temple of Tenryu-ji that I mentioned in the previous post. Seeing it again at the beginning of last December, I was struck not just by its wonderful serenity but also by the relative absence of people. If you get to Arashiyama in the spring or autumn, do find time for a visit. I've put a photo at the head of this post.